SportsEngine Registration: Langford Fastball

Langford Fastball 2017 Regular Season



Welcome to the registration for Langford Minor Fastball. We use Sport Ngin to provide us and our members an efficient and secure means of registering and managing their registrations. There are a few important steps to note before you begin:

  1. First, if you haven't already, you must create a Sport Ngin account. It is not possible to input your registration without one and it is very important that you keep your login and password information safe and handy so you may manage your account, register from season to season and sign up for volunteer duties.
  2. Once your Sport Ngin user account is created, you will receive a validation email. Open your email, click the link provided and login into our site. Now begin your registration with Langford Minor Fastball.
  3. Payment is accepted by credit card, but you may choose the option to submit a written cheque for your fees. Registration must be done online regardless of your payment method.
  4. Following your completed registration you are required to submit a cheque for your Volunteer Deposit. 

Age Groups and Registration Fees PRIOR TO December 31, 2017

U6 LTP 1  (2012/2013)   $65.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit
U8 LTP 2  (2010/2011)   $65.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit
U10          (2008/2009)   $120.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit   
U12          (2006/2007)   $120.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit   
U14          (2005/2004)   $120.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit   
U16          (2003/2002)   $120.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit   
U18          (2001/2000)   $120.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit   
U19          (1999/1998)   $120.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit

Age Groups and Registration Fees AFTER January 1, 2018

U6 LTP 1  (2012/2013)   $65.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit
U8 LTP 2  (2010/2011)   $65.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit
U10          (2008/2009)   $140.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit  
U12          (2006/2007)   $140.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit  
U14          (2005/2004)   $140.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit    
U16          (2003/2002)   $140.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit   
U18          (2001/2000)   $140.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit
U19          (1999/1998)   $140.00 plus $40.00 fundraising deposit

Volunteer Deposit Cheque (U6-U19)

All players must submit a Volunteer Deposit cheque before April 1, 2018 for $100 and dated May 1, 2018. If your concession shift is completed for each player registered during the season, your deposit cheque is not cashed.

Cheques may be made out to Langford Minor Fastball and mailed to PO Box 47088, 772 Goldstream Avenue, Victoria, BC, V9B 5T2

Thank you for choosing Langford Minor Fastball! We are Vancouver Island’s largest fastball club and we appreciate your support!

  1. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Langford Executive.
  2. All refunds will be subject to a banking administration fee.
  3. Refunds requested after April 1 will be subject to an additional $25 administration fee.
  4. Refunds requested after the start of season will be prorated and based on time played.
  5. A medical reason may be requested for refunds requested during the season.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Wendy Parker